Karly West, founder of Mamatoto Cloth Diapers, photo courtesy

What inspired you to get into the cloth diaper business?

Photo by Natasha Sweeney/MamatotoDiapers

Do you think convenience and over reliance on single-use products is responsible for environmental degradation?

  • Convenient
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Affordable

How sustainable is mamatoto diaper as compared to disposable diapers?

Used disposable diapers thrown by the roadside in Mwariki, Nakuru.

They say cheap is expensive, how true is this in relation to the disposable diapers, to both the consumer and the environment?

What’s the most challenging part in your business?

What is your message to upcoming parents on responsible parenthood?

what have you learned from the experiences of using cloth diapers

Photos by Natasha Sweeney/MamatotoDiapers



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James Wakibia

James Wakibia

Environmental Activist and Photojournalist. Read my new series of Eco-Interviews here. jameswakibia.com