Boatmen sail towards Kambi ya Samaki Health Centre that is now submerged due to rising water levels of lake Baringo.
This is the remains of a partly submerged Kambi ya Samaki Health Centre that was once used by the local community
A structure of a community based health facility Submerged in water.
Image of an African Darter also know as ‘Snakebird’ standing on a dead tree.
A dead powerline crossing a flooded area.
A blurry image of my colleague Benard Ogembo holding on to a damaged electric power line
Images of dead trees standing in the flooded part of Lake Baringo
A partially visible Baringo Technical College structure standing on a flooded area of Lake Baringo.
Submerged buildings of a Baringo Technical College
A submerged Soi Lodge building, a once famous establishment in Baringo.
My colleague Benard Ogembo stressing a point just after passing the submerged Soi Lodge buildings. Check his blog
Remnants of Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute-Baringo which was swallowed by Lake Baringo.
An African Fish eagle with its catch
Front side of the flooded Lake Baringo Mixed Secondary School.
Flooded compound of Lake Baringo Secondary School.
Fisherman sailing on traditional balsa wood raft.
Fisherman sailing on traditional balsa wood raft sells a fish to Paul who was our guide.
Paul, a guide and I having a conversation about the fish we had just bought. Photo by Benard Ogembo
Young fishermen sail in traditional balsa wood as they fish. The one at the middle bidding us kwaheri.



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James Wakibia

James Wakibia

Environmental Activist and Photojournalist. Read my new series of Eco-Interviews here.